Bar Cart Must-Knows

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They are the most fun part of your kitchen and the most envied of Instagram decor; dressing a bar cart has truly become an art. Yes, it can just be the place you put all your best drinks on display, but it can be so much more! Spice up your kitchen or dining area with your very own Insta-worthy bar cart by putting your own spin on our must-know tip list.


1. Decide on the purpose.

Is your bar cart going to be the place you make all your drinks, or are you trying to make a bigger statement? Is the purpose to be functional or add an accent to your kitchen or dining room decor? Deciding on the purpose of your bar cart is the first step in curating its aesthetic, as well as finding out how much space you actually have to work with. If you are trying to make more of a statement, finding flowers, your most beautiful bottles, candles, fruits, and nice glasses can all be additions that can really make your bar cart pop.


2. Decide on the aesthetic.

The aesthetic of your bar cart depends on a few things, such as: how it fits in the room its in, colors you plan to use on the cart vs. that of the room, what look you want to achieve, and how much greenery/decor you want to add. Space can sometimes be the biggest determining factor of the aesthetic – you never want to add so much to your cart that it appears cluttered or crowded. Color is the next biggest factor; do you want your cart to stand out as an accent piece or blend in for functionality? Each of these are important to consider when determining your overall aesthetic and design goal.

3. Maintain balance.

As you reach the final touches of your bar cart, you will find that balance is key to keeping your cart looking chic rather than busy. Feel free to play around with height, arranging items in a way that make them all equally visible even though they may be very different sizes. There should also be balance between the room aesthetic and the cart aesthetic; you don’t want to be too matchy-matchy but there should be distinct coordination between the two. Sometimes this can be done by adding things to your bar cart that are simply for looks and have nothing to do with drink making, like flowers, fruit, or books.




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