Cleaning Hacks for the Busiest Homeowners

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Tidying is one thing, but cleaning – like a real deep clean – that can take days, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. Spring cleaning is the worst, there’s no denying it. The best way to get through it is to be efficient and knock it out little by little. Don’t worry though, we did the research for you. Here are some of our favorite hacks to getting that deep spring clean faster than ever.

Remove scuffs/marks on walls

There are plenty of hacks for getting scuffs and marks off of walls, but none of them are as easy as getting a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge. Once we discovered these sponges, the deep cleaning game changed completely. No water or soap necessary; these sponges do all the work for you. It truly is a two step process: buy the sponge, rub the sponge over the mark on the wall. It disappears almost instantly, nearly no elbow grease required.

Get in hard-to-reach places with lent rollers

Lent rollers are one of the most useful, under appreciated cleaning tools out there. They can reach in small spaces and clean dust, crumbs, lent and otherwise and can be reused at an affordable cost. Whether its lamp shades, furniture, or clothes, do not under estimate the power of lent rollers to cut your cleaning time in half.

Kitchen tongs?

Yes, kitchen tongs can be used as cleaning tools – especially when blinds are involved. Get a dish rag or microfiber cloth and fold it in half, putting the fold of the cloth in toward the hinge of the tongs. Secure with some rubber bands or bag clips and you’re good to go! If the dust is sticking to the blinds, add some water and soap and swipe along the blind, tongs will get both sides at once saving you time and effort!

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