Don’t Renovate, Update!

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Renovation is no the end all be all of giving your space a newer, fresher look – especially in the kitchen. Kitchens have so many pieces and parts that are so easy to update without completely renovating your space. When you update all those smaller features, you end up with a whole new feel to your kitchen! It can also be inexpensive and much less time consuming than you might think. Here are just a few of our best tips and tricks to updating your kitchen without renovating.

The first tip – we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – is PAINT! Paint can define a space; the wrong color can make you hate a room, old paint can age your home years beyond reality, and the right color of a fresh coat can make your space feel good as new! The two spots to focus on in a kitchen are the cabinets and the walls. Painting your cabinets can be quite the task, but it is a much less expense than purchasing a new set and having them installed. If you love your cabinet color but still don’t feel great about the overall essence of the space, it’s time to turn to the walls. Liven up your space with a bright splash of color on an accent wall or even darker hues for a cozier look. Whatever color scheme you choose, just make sure it complements your cabinets.

The next piece of advice is super easy and won’t break the bank: under cabinet lighting. If you don’t already have under cabinet lighting, you have been missing out. It’s no wonder you’ve been wanting a kitchen upgrade! Under cabinet lighting can make a huge difference on the vibe of your kitchen, as well as its functionality. This feature comes in a variety of options, including battery-operated lights that stick right on to the bottom surface of your cabinet as well as LED lights that can be installed and turned on with a normal light switch. Either way, your kitchen will feel better and brighter immediately – especially at night!

And finally, the best for last, cover your counter tops! Counter top renovation is rarely cheap, so if you’re tired of the old, out-dated style of your counter tops, consider covering them with cutting boards, a slab of marble, or even glossy contact paper. Contact paper can be the most inexpensive way to make the most expensive looking difference in your kitchen! This trick is especially handy if you’re hoping to cover a spot of damage or a surface stain.


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